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Founded in 1993 in Baltimore, Maryland, Haynes Properties' primary goal is that of acquiring and managing apartment housing.  The mission later expanded to that of providing affordable and safe housing for people living in urban, as well as, rural communities in and outside of Baltimore City and throughout the USA.  

The Company's past and present portfolio has consisted of properties located in Maryland, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Mississippi.  The investments have included market-rate housing and subsidized housing.

The principal office is located in Baltimore, Maryland, 1401 N. Lakewood Avenue, 21213.  The owner and founder of the company is James H. Haynes.

The first investment property was purchased at 1918 Park Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland.  Haynes Properties, Inc. was formed.






Haynes Properties, Inc began in 1993 with the purchase of  the Park Avenue facility.  In 1994, the company expanded its portfolio to include, the York Road Apartments and a Church facility.  Around the same time, the company purchased a single family home located at York and East Cold Spring Lane.  In 1995, the company took a large leap by purchasing an apartment portfolio owned by an old established real family in Baltimore city and known as the Poppleton Corporation.  This portfolio consisted of 5 different parcels including the Homestead Apartments, the Kennedy Apartments, the Montpelier Apartments, the Garages, and the Windsor Avenue Apartments.

In 1996, the Company took the largest leap to date, by purchasing the Verona Apartments in Philadelphia, PA.  In 1997, the company expanded its portfolio to include the Sylcrest Apartments and in 1998, the Druid Apartments (a National Historic Registry Property at 2028 Mt. Royal Avenue, Baltimore, MD).

In 2004, the Company took an even greater leap by purchasing the Amity Ramble Apartments in Southwest Baltimore and thus moving into the realm of affordable housing.  Later in 2004, the company successfully purchased the Forest Park Apartments aka, Springlane Apartments in Morton, Mississippi which took them further from the Baltimore Center.  And in 2007, the company purchased the Lakewood Apartments, a 102 Senior apartments facility in Northeast Baltimore.


Homestead Apartments


Kennedy apartments

Haynes Properties purchased the Verona Apartments in Philadelphia, PA (117 unit apartment building).

Haynes Properties purchased a portfolio of apartments that were owned by the Poppleton Corporation and included the Windsor Apartments and the Kennedy, Homestead, and Montpelier Apartments in Northeast Baltimore.

Mr. Haynes, along with brothers, Japp Haynes and John Haynes expanded the company to include a five unit facility and a Church on York Road in Baltimore.

Haynes Properties, Inc. purchased the Sylcrest Apartments, the Druid Apartments, The Amity Ramble Apartments, and the Lakewood Apartments.

Windsor apartments

MOntpelier apartments


amity ramble apartments


forest park  apartments

druid apartments


sylcrest apartments

verona apartments


Lakewood apartments